White Evangelicals Are More Likely to Have and Carry Guns?

According to 2017 Pew Research Center data, analyzed by Christianity Today white evangelicals “are more likely then members of other faith groups or the average citizen to own a gun”. The first statistics were that forty-one percent of evangelicals own guns, whereas only thirty percent of the general population owns a gun. In addition sixty-five percent of white evangelicals who have guns say they carry it with them in public (Compared to fifty-seven percent of regular gun owners).

This statistic is frightening and confusing since the statistics suggest that white Christians are more likely to have guns. These statistics are also good to know since they allow people who know them to be more cautious around angry white Christians since they have a high chance of having a gun. However, if used in this way, these statistics promoted racism and stereotyping of Christians and White people which cannot be good for society. The issue is that stereotyping is perfectly normal for humans and is actually something that the government and NRA should be doing. The government and NRA shouldn’t explicitly say that they make decisions based on racist and religiously discriminate statistics, but if they don’t make educated decisions, ignoring the politically incorrect statistics, it puts the gun situation in more danger.

White Christians having guns isn’t really an issue though. The NRA and Government don’t need to take action, but if a correlation between white Christians and the current gun violence in the country is found than they should act. They could act in many ways, hopefully none of which would isolate Christians or Whites from being socially accepted, but instead keep the social peace between religions and races while fixing the issue about their gun usage.

The analytics of the Pew Research Center statistics also revealed that Christians have been suggesting bringing guns to church more often to defend themselves, especially with the increased attention recently on gun violence in the United States. This is bad because of why the people need to carry the gun to church, not just because more people will have guns. The reason why Christians feel that they should have more armed people at church is due to fear. Fear in church is not good since it takes away from some of the things that church does well, despite its many flaws. Church is a community in which people feel safe and supported, not where there should be fear. Some may argue that carrying guns reduces fear, but they don’t consider that the idea of carrying the gun itself is scary since having an armed firearm can be a burden, an additional thing to worry about.

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