Can Religion and Science Coexist?

The modern world is often under the belief that Religion and Science cannot coexist, however this isn’t true. Certain extreme versions of faiths that require the person to believe that “God” or the higher power is the creator of all does appose the scientific belief of natural selection. However, this belief shouldn’t be the reason why the two cannot peacefully coexist. Rather this shows that belief in a god-like creator cannot coexist with the ideas of natural selection and the big bang. This meme does a good job summarizing the main conflict that people consider when contrasting science and religious texts and teachings:35edpp


Why does the meme specifically target biology you may ask? This is likely because biology, as the study of living things, it focuses the most on evolution and how things evolved rather than having been created by a superior being. Biology books can be understood while still being religious. For example, a majority of the United States is still religious yet nearly everyone has to take biology in high school. What is interesting about this is that religious kids are able to understand biology and evolution enough to take a test on it despite their religious beliefs that may oppose the ideas. This may just be a showcase of how humans are able to adapt when forced, but it also comes to show that biological ideas can coexist with religion.

Actually, many people believe in evolution and are still religious. What typically differentiates religious people’s scientific beliefs from atheist’s is that religious people often don’t believe in the big bang. Instead they believe in a creator who created everything fairly recently.

In conclusion, religion and science can coexist, as long as neither religion or science is believed to be 100% true, since some of their fundamental ideas oppose one another.

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