Do All Countries Think Religion is Important?

This map raises a good point that many people don’t realize about today’s society. Not everyone around the world thinks that religion is important. Even though this map may not be totally accurate it displays many trends that are curious. Notice how Canada, Greenland, most of Northern Asia, a majority of European countries, and Australia, don’t believe that religion is important. This isn’t necessarily good or bad, but the question that arises from this is: why have these countries and areas strayed away from the belief that religion is important.

To answer this it must first know what the designer of this map means by “important”. My interpretation is that “important”  means that it is considered to be beneficial to people or is promoted as a way to be a better person and is therefore important. One thing to notice is that although half of the map appears blue, there is still a minority of countries in the map that are blue. This means that as a whole the world is still “religious” since the majority of countries believe that religion is important. This graph cannot be said to be good or bad since it being either is relative to whether the change that has occurred over time shown by this graph is considered to be a good thing by the viewer of the map.

Many religious people may look at this map and be shocked to see that their country is in blue, even though they are religious. They may deem it to be “bad” since they believe that more people in their country should be religious like them.

However others, who may not be religious may be pleased by the amount of blue on this map and call it “good” since it shows that not all of the world’s countries have a majority of the population that care about religion.

Which belief is correct? The right answer is not to be decided by anyone who has strong beliefs about either side of the story, but rather by the future population of the world, who, by their religious decisions throughout life will shape the generation of religion in the world. Because the future of religion and the answer to this question are to be decided by future generations it emphasizes the importance that kids of young age should be educated about all forms of religion (even atheism and agnosticism) so that they can make educated decisions that shape the world future.


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